When you can see the future...

Eyes of the Universe, abstract environmental backgrounds


Eccentric billionaire, Luke Montgomery, doesn’t know what to think when the adorable Dr. Megan Sugar, self-proclaimed psychic, crashes into his life. While Megan is giving out advise right and left that changes the lives of everyone she comes into contact with, things get complicated.

How can Luke convince Megan that he is her future, when all she can see is her own impending death? How can Luke convince her that he is her future, when all she can see is her own impending death.




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Happy 4th of July!

July 2nd / Kya's Thoughts

When I was growing up, my family didn’t celebrate many holidays. There was no Christmas tree to decorate our living room on cold Missouri Winter nights. There were no heart chains or candy for Valentines

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Kya Lind

Author and Storyteller


Kya Lind

Kya Lind

Kya Lind is a storyteller, tree climber, beachcomber, treasure hunter, cookie baker, house builder, costume designer, book writer, and dreamer. She could tell you that she lives on the Atlantic seaboard, has raised four kids, and taught school for twenty-five years, but that just sounds boring. Wouldn’t you rather hear, about how she wrestled chickens, slid down a mountain on the hood of a V.W., or , at eight, tried to build her own hang glider?






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