The Dusty Duke and the Gypsy Pirate Princess

After falling in love at first sight, Greyson Buckingham IV, Duke of Devonshire, is determined to overcome all obstacles: the consequences of the young lady’s ruined reputation, a horde of eligible debutantes marriage-minded mothers, and even the fury of the sea. Can this Dusty Duke claim the heart of his Gypsy Pirate Princess? This is a full length novel.

This story is completely and utterly a fairytale, with no intention of trying to pass itself off as anything close to historical romance l. The author even uses word choices such as buckflowers, and eligibles instead of gentlemen and debutantes in an attempt to make its historical placement perfectly clear. this fanciful fairytale has as much truth of the Victorian Era, as say, Cinderella or Snow White. The story is delightful and fast paced with loads of lovable well-developed characters.

Take a look inside and see what I mean.