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White Dragon Tower – Book 2 – Queen’s Tribute

When master assassin Jarock is given a lethal contract by the king of Chambre, he anticipates the dangers. He knows that traveling to the mysterious Shadow Mountains may very well be a suicide mission. However, he is unprepared for Indigo, a young gypsy girl who insists on accompanying him on his quest due to a crazy gypsy prophecy. As they face the trials of the magical realm around them together, Jarock gradually lowers his guard and allows his feelings for Indigo to grow.

What will happen when she finds out he is not the hero that she believes him to be?

This young adult romance is a full length novel. It is part of a series, but is a delightful book on its own. This humorous and action packed adventure continues the story of Captain Traven and his Dreamlady, but adds a new storyline as well. The two story lines wind along until they intertwine, deep in the mysterious Shadow Mountains. The characters are well rounded and delightful to get to know, and many of our beloved personalities from the first book are back, including the beloved, apple-eating, big red horse, Barn. And of course, we get to meet the white dragon up close and personal.